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In the above feature for PBS Newshour, Natasha & Adenike are interviewed about the relationship between Music & Emotions. Your BCH co-Curators appear around the 2:24 timestamp, but we highly recommend enjoying the video in its entirety for an excellent look at the intricate connections between the brain, our lived experiences, and the music that bonds them all together!
In this multimedia soundscape, with audio gathered and mixed by Christian Patterson (@theGentlemanBoss on Instagram!), words and music archived from the Black Creative Healing Retreat of 2022 are laid under images and captions artfully arranged by Natasha, BCH co-Curator and Creative Director. The BCH Retreat was indeed, a celebration! We can't wait to do it again (and again :-) as often as we are able!
View our first official collaborative music release, with contributions from Natasha Thomas & Adenike Webb, as well as Anika McDonald, Zelda Lockhart, "Bassmonster Tiff" (Tiffany Morris), Vilissa Thompson, Tatiana Woods, and Hakeem Leonard! Enjoy additional video content by clicking here to View more BCH on Youtube.
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