Community & Event Spaces

The first ever BCH Retreat was hosted virtually on, June 3-5, 2022.

now serves as the core membership space for our Black/African Diasporic Family to join us as we continue gathering for monthly creative co-working, as well as planning future retreats!

CLICK HERE to request entry to our Discord.

PATREON is our newest space, and can be followed for FREE to access newsletter posts, or subscribed to starting at just $5 a month for Black and non-Black folks alike looking to engage with our work more deeply.

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A few important things:

Why are most of our spaces Black Only?
We envision Black Creative Healing as being like a "house": our retreats and Black-only spaces are like bedrooms, parts of the house that are privately tailored just for the folks who live in the Black experience, to heal in ways that are unique to us and our needs. Other "rooms" of the house are more informal, like our Patreon space, and don't require as much tailored support to participate in.

Just like any house, we have security measures to help us ensure the care and safety of everyone inside. The survey connected to our Black-only registration spaces is one such care & safety measure. Inside those spaces you'll find more, including a handbook that is reflexively co-constructed for how we treat each other, and other documents and policies to ensure our spaces and events are safe and enjoyable for all! In the Patreon space, your dollar is the security measure :-)

We also ask that people consider their motivations for entering our more intimate spaces before doing so. That's the reason for some of the additional questions in our registration surveys. If you are looking for a place to dive deep into your own healing process in community with others, these may be the spaces for you! If you're just looking to network and self-promote, ours will not be your kind of spaces.

Thank you
for doing your part to help us center our safety and care in community!

Current Calendar of Events

Below you will find our Google Calendar embedded. You can click each event for more information, or

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