Black Creative Healing

a space for radical conversation,
mindful collaboration,
and (w)holistic visioning,
centering Black communities

We believe in a world with less harm ...   and more community care... and we're making space for this world, however we can.

Here, at the intersection of Creativity and Mental Health, you will find the following offerings, curated with Black folks at the center: a podcast, regularly updated resource list, and care-fully curated online gathering spaces.

Who we are:

A Photoshopped image of Natasha and Adenike, their faces positioned one behind the other, smiling at the camera against a Black circle framed in a rainbow gradient. The text "Black Creative Healing" sits above their heads.

We are Natasha Thomas (left) and Adenike Webb (right), two community workers, educators, and board-certified music therapists deeply committed to supporting Black Communities at the intersection of Creativity and Mental Health. We are your conversational doulas, co-conspirators, and fellow travelers on this journey!

Our Mission:

We seek to be a balm to the gaping wound of systemic oppression on ALL of humanity. We center our efforts on Black folks because we believe that our intimate familiarity with how oppressive systems function gives us a unique expertise that *could* alleviate our current generational trauma, *if* we are provided with the kinds of spaces and supports necessary to expand our healing capacity.

What does our work look like?

We offer spaces where Black folks can center their needs in community with other Black folks, and spaces where racially mixed groups (Black and non-Black folks together!) can practice centering Blackness in community as well. This happens a variety of ways:

The BCH Podcast

BCH Teal Afro Logo, featuring a heart-shaped featureless brown face and teal hair flowing as the background to words Black Creative Healing. A small purple heart sits between the words Black and Creative. The Spotify and Apple Podcast logos frame the face.

features radical conversations & collaborations with other Black Creatives. These catalyze individual listeners with prompts for their own personal work.

Our Resource List

A Text Based Graphic with the phrase "Community Care" spread across the center. Each of the four corners of the image is lit up in a different color, as follows: Prioritizing Access and Mutual Aid (pink), Leadership of the Most Impacted (purple), Political Education (teal) and Radical Healing (Yellow)

supports the thought processes initiated by the podcast by pointing folks towards other media and spaces where they can learn more about the topics of our conversations and collaborate on their own Black-centered creative projects.

Community Spaces

Vertical Rectangles arranged in a Rainbow Pattern sit behind a smaller version fo the BCH Teal Afro logo, with just the letters BCH to the right in bright Yellow.

including a FREE Black-only space on Discord, and a racially open space in Patreon, with paid tiers, participants will find more in depth exercises here, along with other opportunities like Community Social Hours and Creative "Co-Works."


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